T8 UVB Lighting for Reptiles

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Essential UVB lighting equipment for reptile health and vitamin D3

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T8 Accessories

A range of clips and replacement parts for T8 UV tube units. Longer leads and waterproof seals can allow you to convert your current controller into a waterproof unit.

T8 UV Light Tubes

A range of UV tubes of different lengths and strengths to suit your pet. These tubes have a range of 9-12 inches and will last up to 6 months before needing to be replaced.

T8 UVB Reflectors

A range of reflectors which can be used to fix your UV tube to the ceiling and direct the UVB within the vivarium. We would usually aim toward the bottom of the front panel to ensure most of the UV is directed inside the vivarium.

T8 UVB Starter Units

A range of T8 starter units of varying wattage ranges. There is a suitable controller for every UV tube we sell and ultra-seal models for vivariums that need spraying.