Taurrus Live Predatory Mites - Large

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Taurrus Live Predatory Mites - Large

Product Code: VTM002

Taurrus Live Predatory Mites - Large

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Taurrus Live Predatory Mites - LargeTaurrus Live Predatory Mites - Large

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The Problems Caused by Reptile Mites

Snake mites (Ophionyssus natricis) are one of the biggest killers of reptiles in captivity. Mite infestations can be difficult to control, let alone eradicate. The mites feed from their hosts's blood supply removing blood and vital nutrients leaving the reptile agitated and anaemic. This makes the reptile far more susceptible to illness, and as the parasites also introduce diseases into the snakes blood supply while feeding, the snake may eventually die. Parasites are conventionally controlled with toxic pesticides such as neonicotinoids and phyretroids, these chemicals however have side effects for the reptiles and the parasite builds resistance against it over time.

Taurrus is a revolutionary natural way to control parasitic mites in the habitat of the reptile. The Taurrus predatory mites feed on various reptile parasites such as the O. natricis snake mite. Taurrus does not feed on reptiles or mammals and is 100% safe for you, your pet and the environment.

The Natural Solution to Reptile Mites

Taurrus is a living organism (predatory mite) that is able to control various species of mites and terrarium parasites. Taurrus is a natural enemy of the reptile parasite (Ophionyssus natricis), consuming reptile parasites as well as other acari parasite species.

taurrus predatory mites

Taurrus mite predators are very small and measure less than 1 mm in adult stage. The larvae are white and adults are orange to brown in colour. They are able to live during a few weeks and reproduce in the areas where the find their prey. Despite its small size, the Taurrus predator acts aggressively and is able to attack and kill preys that are 3 to 4 times bigger in size.

As many species of small arthropod, Taurrus are comfortable in a warm and humid environment. For this reason a terrarium is an ideal environment to establish a predatory mite population, particularly when a natural substrate such as coco fiber, peat or moss is present. Once released, the microscopic predators will actively seek and consume parasites. Once eliminated, the predators disappear naturally. The mode of action requires several days. After introduction of Taurrus, pest populations should be monitored: at first it will stabilize, and then gradually decline. In heavy infestations, several releases may be needed to eradicate all parasites.

Treats up tp 10 vivariums curatively or up to 20 vivariums preventatively.