Zoo Med Reptisun UVB LED 9w

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Zoo Med Reptisun UVB LED 9w

Product Code: LZA009

Zoo Med Reptisun UVB LED 9w

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Zoo Med Reptisun UVB LED 9wZoo Med Reptisun UVB LED 9w

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In 1993, Zoo Med developed the 1st UVB lamp for reptiles; this changed the way all zoos, herpetologists, and hobbyists keep reptiles in captivity. They?re still evolving their product lines as more efficient and eco-conscious lighting is made available, and their ReptiSun UVB/LED is their boldest and most advanced UVB lighting option yet. It provides your reptile with crisp white light, UVB, and UVA all in one lamp, and lets you enjoy the energy savings that cutting-edge LED lighting delivers. Their state of the art Japanese made UVB diodes are protected by a high-quality UVB-transmitting quartz glass cover with durability and longevity in mind.

  • The most energy-efficient way to provide UVB
  • Made with high-precision Japanese LEDs, the best in the world
  • Combines UVB, UVA, and full visible spectrum lighting
  • UVB-transmitting quartz glass cover for added protection and durability