5 Popular Royal Python Morphs

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The royal python, also known as the ball python, is the most popular large snake we sell and one of the 2 species we recommend for new keepers. They get quite thick and have a much larger head than other snakes but they still only get 4-6ft in length so they are still easy to keep. Royal pythons have been popular in the UK and in America for a really long time. Throughout that time, keepers have been breeding them for specific patterns and colours. Here are 5 of the most popular morphs we sell in-store.

Pastel Royal Python

Pastel royal pythons are very similar to the common royal python but the yellow pigment is more intense. This makes the pattern between the dark markings much more uniform and vibrant. This colour morph goes well with other pattern morphs to create gorgeous snakes.

Lesser Royal

Lesser royal pythons are stunning snakes that can vary wildly depending on their heritage. Normally it displays as a high yellow and tan colour between the darker pattern. Often it also brightens up the dark banding on the python.

Mojave Royal Python

Mojave is the first pattern and colour morph in this list. It will form a mostly continuous dorsal stripe with saddles running along the body. Each saddle generally has a dark patch within it. At the same time the colours of the dark pattern and sections between are generally lighter.

Piebald Royal

Piebald is a really cool morph of royal python and ties in with other colour and pattern morphs beautifully. Piebald essentially means that there will be blocked sections of pure white. This can cover as little as 10% of the body or as much as 90% and it would still be piebald. Generally, the more is whited out the rarer and more expensive the snake becomes.

Banana Royal Python

Banana royal pythons are a complete inverse of the normal royal python pattern. The areas that are normally dark are instead pastel pinks and beige while the sections within are bright yellow. Depending on the individual there may be black spots speckled over the snake or white sections bordering the gap between the yellow and pastel sections.

If you have any questions about the species or colour and pattern morphs shown please email us at sales@reptilecentre.com or call us on 01604753823.

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