Repashy Superfoods Grub Pie for Reptiles 170g

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Repashy Superfoods Grub Pie for Reptiles 170g

Product Code: FRD032

Repashy Superfoods Grub Pie for Reptiles 170g

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Repashy Superfoods Grub Pie for Reptiles 170g

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Repashy Grub Pie features over 75% cold-pressed Black Soldier Fly Larvae Meal (calciworms) with a smell and flavor that incites an almost instinctual feeding response from all kinds of insect-eating animals. Even species that require moving prey and show little interest in freeze-dried insects or pelleted foods currently on the market, have been irresistibly attracted to the smell and taste of Repashy Grub Pie on the first offering. Some individuals of certain species may require 'teasing' or training in the first instance to achieve a feeding response and get them to recognize it as a food source. Bearded dragons, leopard geckos, all skinks, fat tail geckos, dwarf monitors, day geckos, giant geckos, turtles of all kinds, and aquatic amphibians typically find Repashy Grub Pie irresistible.

Cold-pressing removes about half the fat content without the high temperatures and chemical exposure of other processes that can denature proteins and degrade nutrients. This process lowers the fat content of soldier fly larvae to a more ideal 12%, which in turn increases the protein values to over 55%. The meal also contains a nearly perfect 2:1 calcium to phosphorous ratio. It takes over 1,000 c alciworms to make one ounce of Repashy Grub Pie, and one kilo of Repashy Grub Pie contains 35,000 calciworms, which has a superior nutritional density than 50,000 mealworms!

Repashy Grub Pie has been formulated to be a complete diet, replacing the need for live insects in the diet of omnivores and insectivores. Repashy Grub Pie can be fed as a slurry, paste, or a gel. It can also be mixed into existing gecko diets, or be used as a gravy on dry diets. Not only is it suitable for Reptiles and Amphibians, but also a great diet for insectivorous mammals and fish. The gel base also allows for the introduction of medications when treatment for parasites or other health problems are required.