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Buy Silkworms (A303) Online at £4.49 from Reptile Centre
Buy Silkworms (A303) Online at £4.49 from Reptile Centre


SKU: A300
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    Silkworms are the larval form of the silkworm moth and are widely celebrated as one of the most nutritious reptile feeder insects available. Being soft-bodied, they are suitable for a wide range of animals.

    Our silkworms are dispatched directly from the breeder and will be gut-loaded before packing to ensure they are as nutritious as possible on arrival.

    This product will be delivered in a plastic container including a section of egg-box cardboard. Small airholes perforate the side regularly to provide maximum ventilation.

    Pack Sizes

    • Small silkworms = 18 pack
    • Medium silkworms = 12 pack
    • Large silkworms = 8 pack

    You'll Love Them

    • We guarantee freshness or your money back
    • They are farm-bred in ethical conditions.
    • They are pre-fed to ensure your reptile gets a nutritious meal.
    • Delivered straight to your door in good time.

    We Recommend Silkworms For...

    • Bearded dragons
    • Iguanas
    • Blue-tongued skinks
    • Ground frogs
    • Turtles

    If you want to keep the silkworms as nutritious as possible we recommend you continue to feed them on a nutritious silkworm diet like Silkworm Chow. They do not require any additional water.